School Age Groups

Posted: 11/24/2013

 The structure of the Lotus Academy is based upon grouping all of the children by "age", according to their particular class assignment and maturity level. We feel that it is important that the children cultivate this sense of growing and elevating themselves, while at the same time benefiting from the companionship of those who are on the same developmental level as they are.

 There are five of these "Age-Groups" in the Lotus Academy program, and each has its own distinctive name and attributes.

 The "Shana" Age Group is made up of our kindergarten and prekindergarten students.

 Those three and four-year old students at the Early Learning Center are designated as "Shana I" and "Shana II", respectively, while the kindergarten students there are referred to as "Shana III".

 First and second graders in our Lower School both represent the "Shaish" Age Group, and both the third and fourth grade students comprise the "Shavi" Age Group.

 The first graders belong to the "Shaish I" Age Group, second graders to "Shaish II", third graders to "Shavi I", and fourth graders to "Shavi II".

 Fifth and sixth graders comprise the "Shava" Age Group (Shava I and Shava II).

 Our oldest students, our seventh and eighth graders, constitute the "Vishna" Age Group (Vishna I and Vishna II).


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