The Lotus Academy is an independent, private school that was founded in 1974, and has operated since that time on the basis of one primary objective: creating an academically superior and culturally affirming institution that develops future leaders, life-long learners, and world citizens.

The focus of the Lotus Academy program is on laying a strong foundation for the proper academic, cultural, and social development of its students. It consists of a state-licensed day care for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten children, a Lower School for grades one through four, and an Upper School for grades five through eight.

It is made up of three separate programs that are considered as one unified school. Our Early Learning Center is a state-licensed day care center that provides our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students with a foundation that will allow them to develop into the kind of scholars and role models that are envisioned by the higher grades of the Lotus Academy.

The Lower School is made up of our first, second, third, and fourth-grade students. It is a preparatory program for middle school and beyond that builds superior academic skills, study habits, and character.

Our Upper School serves our fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students, and their learning experience is enhanced by the fact that they have additional teachers for advanced subjects such as computer science and fine arts, have access to sophisticated online learning courses, and are actively involved in student-centered independent learning projects.

Founded in 1974
Lotus Academy
340 E. Haines Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144
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